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Domestic surveillance about to be DOA?

It might be the year’s most-patriotic season — Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July — but the “Patriot Act” seems to becoming the newest casualty of our war on everyone.

My views have changed on it since it was implemented. Post-9/11 I said, sure, find the culprits. I have nothing to hide. Make justice happen, America.

Over the years, I’ve realized that my freedom is precious to me.  Too precious to just hand it over to people who don’t care if they crush it as a cost of doing business.

In any event, today the Senate may find itself unable to keep the full “Patriot Act” alive. As it stands, the major media outlets are saying that the years of the NSA having unfettered access to our lives may be drawing to a close.

Good riddance, I say.

Here’s something that may make you smile over the situation, from a spoof TSA account.

You know, another group that hasn’t exactly eradicated terrorism from the world …

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