YES! I Will Be the Solution.

I will join the crowd of responsible voices throughout history — financial legends, ex-Presidents and major publishers — to bring common sense back to Washington and take back America’s future!

The real power doesn’t come from Washington. It comes from the voters. When voters are informed, eager to express their opinion and — most importantly — unified, they WILL get their way.

That’s why we’re starting the Campaign for a Sound Dollar. To get results out of Washington by empowering responsible, experienced citizens just like YOU.

Our core goal is to bring common sense back to government — by way of a balanced federal budget by 2020. But this is only our core petition … the rest is up to you …

We provide the tools, the resources, and the experience. You decide what to do with them.

So join the Sound Dollar Campaign and help us bring financial sanity back to a community, a government and a society near you!

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